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Fall Soccer Registration 2020

Registration for the 2020 Fall Recreational season will open June 1. Please review the registration details below for modified 2020 Fall season.
*Late registration begins on July 4th, with an additional cost of $30.00 per player. Players registering late will be placed on a waitlist and will be assigned to a team as quickly as possible.
Registration will be closed on July 10th. July 10th through July 31st only paper applications will be accepted for returning players only to be placed on the waitlist and be placed by: 1) Team Formation Balance 2) Residency 3) Application date. Application submission can be requested by email to help@fullertonrangers.com or by phone to 714-519-3171.
Players who were born between 2002 and 2016 may register. To understand your child's age group, view the Fullerton Rangers Age Group Matrix.
$125*, for players in Division U7 and below. (2014-2016) **(See calendar below for 2020 modified season)
$165*, for players in Division U8 and above. (2002-2013) **(See calendar below for 2020 modified season)
***Payment will be required and authorized, however, we will not process payments until July once the season is confirmed. A minimum of 2 day notice will be emailed prior to processing registration transactions to insure funds are available.
*All Players are responsible for participating in the fundraiser, or a $40 buyout. Option available during registration or directly through your team parent until August 28th. Fundraiser item can vary each season and is subject to change.
If you did not play for the Fullerton Rangers in a prior season, you must submit a copy of the players' birth certificate, or passport. Submit via mail, E-mail: help@fullertonrangers.com, or drop off a copy at: 369 S Acacia Ave., Fullerton, 92831.
Late registrations will be placed on a waitlist and put into a pool and drawn as needed to balance teams as determined by Team Formation. Late registrations are not guaranteed team placement.
No player shall be placed after October 15 of the seasonal year (per Commissioner's Cup Rules).
Players that we are unable to place on a team will be refunded 100%.
There shall be no transfer of recreational players for transportation, after school activitis, or any other conflicts with practice and/or games.
All refund requests must be submitted in writing and received by July 15th for a 100% refund**, or by August 15th for a 50% refund. No refunds after July 31st. **100% Refunds subject to a $10.00 transaction fee withheld from refund.
  • No prior soccer playing experience is required. We foster a positive experience for boys and girls interested in meeting new friends, learning about the game of soccer and having fun!
  • The season kicks-off in August with practices 1-2 times per week (M/W or Tu/Th) and games start the first Saturday after Labor Day in September (may be some night and/or Sunday games).
  • This is a great opportunity for parents to volunteer as coaches and to provide team support while spending time with your children and their friends. No prior soccer coaching experience is required. Head Coaches are offered a $50 post-season registration refund incentive***. Other opportunities to volunteer are available throughout the soccer club. ***Subject to satisfactory season administration and completion.
  • Optional SafeSport Training for Youth Athletes is being offered to every parent, guardian. If you are interested in taking this 90 minute certification course, please contact registrar@fullertonrangers.com and provide your player and/or parent/guardian legal name. We will send you the access code and url to take the course at no charge.
  • Player requests for other players are no longer accepted. Player freeze with one (1) other player will only be accepted upon the following conditions:
  1. Send email to help@fullertonrangers.com prior to the start of late registration, no exceptions. Subject: Player Freeze. Body of email: "I PARENT NAME authorize CHILD NAME to be frozen with CHILD2 NAME for the 2020 Fall Recreational Season. CHILD2 NAME parent/guardian has been copied on this submission for verification." Parent and player names must be their legal name as listed on Cal South family profiles.
  2. Parent of CHILD2 must 'reply to all' and confirm player freeze submission. Failure for both parents to agree will not be documented or approved.
  3. Players to be frozen together must be registered prior to submission.
  4. Players' registrations must be completed prior to start of late registration (registered, paid in full, electronic legal agreements signed, new player verification (birth certificate or passport).
  5. ONE freeze per player in order of receipt and FRYSC confirmation reply. Any player previously requested will be denied for any furthur submissions. Both families must agree on the freeze.
  6. A player is allowed to be frozen to either a head coach, or to another player, not both.
  7. Coach requests are not accepted by players or their families directly. Contact your coach if you would like to be frozen to a coaches roster. No former coach contacts or information will be provided.
    • 9/12 - First League Games **Modified 8 game season
    • 10/31 - Final League Games
    • 11/7-8 - City Cup Tournament (U9-U12) **Modified top 4 division teams only; Semi-Final & Finals
    • 11/14 - All-Stars (U8-U12) **Modified single game only
    • **Modified no picture day or package provided
    • 12/5 - **Modified Commissioner's Cup (U10-U14) one team only
    • 1/30-31/21 - **Modified no Tournament of All-Stars Tournament

For more information, check our F.A.Q. page.

Uniform Sizing Chart - Each registrant will be required to enter, or update, their players' jersey and shorts sizing during registration. Below is a reference chart only. ****This is intended to be a guide only, and while Score does their best to ensure all sizing is consistent, you may find that some styles vary in size. Incorrect sizing will require the parent/guardian to order a replacement item directly from the vendor.


*****Online Registration is available, Go To Online Registration. *****Clicking 'Go To Online Registration' indicates you have read, understand and agree to the above information. NOTE: If you are trying out to join a Signature team and in the event you do not make a Signature team or Signature fall season is cancelled, please register for recreational now to reserve your spot. Those who are accepted will be provided alternate registration details and recreational application move to Signature. If you have not received your Signature tryouts results by July 10th, please email signature@fullertonrangers.com.

Head Coaches will begin to reach out to families on their roster no later than Wednesday July 24, 2020. Upon contact, please thank the coaches for their support to our league and our children and offer any assistance you may be able to provide. Head Coaches are in need of Assistant Coaches and Team Parents.
At your first team meeting, each parent will be required to sign and date your child's player registration form, provided by and returned immediately to the head coach. The head coach will be responsible to keep these forms on hand at team events should your child be injured requiring medical services and the parent or guardian is not on-site.

In addition to the player registration form, per the electronic legal agreements to be initialed during registration, the following documents are required to be signed and returned to help@fullertonrangers.com no later than July 31, 2020.

    • Health and Safety Code Info Sheets (English) (Spanish)
      • Concussion and Head Injury Information Sheet
      • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet
      • Prescription Opiods: What You Need to Know
  • PLAYERS MUST SIGN AND DATE if they are between 7 and 17 years of age
    • Health and Safety Code Info Sheets (English) (Spanish)
      • Concussion and Head Injury Information Sheet
      • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet
      • Prescription Opiods: What You Need to Know

 Division formats will play as follows:

  • 4v4 on two simultaneous fields, no goalkeepers: 2014-2016 birth years, boys and girls (potentially 5v5 based on team player roster size and player attendance). Games run approximately 1 hour.
  • 7v7 with 6 field players and goalkeeper: 2011-2013 birth years, boys and girls. Games run approximately 1 hour.
  • 9v9 with 8 field players and goalkeeper: 2009-2010 birth years, boys and girls. Games run approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • 11v11 with 10 field players and goalkeeper: 2002-2008 birth years, boys and girls. Games run approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes for U14; 1 hour and 35 minutes for U16; 1 hour and 45 minutes for U19.

We anticipate game schedules to be released by Saturday August 31, 2020 or sooner. It will be temporarily released to head coaches and referee coordinators in order to work out conflicts before public release.
Thank you for your patience while we finalize details. We look forward to another fun Fall season of soccer!

If you have not yet purchased equipment for your child, they will need the following items. All can be purchased at most small and major retail outlets (Dicks, Play-it-again, Big5, etc.).

  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Cleats (not required, highly recommended, no toe cleat permitted)
  • Soccer Ball (size 3 = 2013-2016, size 4 = 2009-2012; size 5 = 2002-2008)

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