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Any documents needed for Recreational and Signature use can be found here.

Recreational Coach Application

Recreational Coach Application - Application should be completed by those interested in being a Head Coach or Assistant Coach. Please complete all information. Coaching applications must be submitted to help@fullertonrangers.com to be considered and should be submitted before the start of late registration. Coach applications must also complete the Program Administrator Registration Form and submit with application.

Signature Coach Application

The FRYSC accepts applications starting in January, from interested individuals who are qualified to administrate and coach teams at the CYSA-S Signature League level. The Signature Teams Program is made up of boy and girl teams for players born 2006-2012 for the 2020 Fall season. All prior FRYSC Recreational and Signature coaches are welcome to apply for any age Signature team. All qualified candidates will be considered.

If you are interested in applying and being considered for one of these positions, please submit an application to the FRYSC Signature Teams Committee by the application deadline listed on application. The FRYSC Signature Teams Committee will review all submissions and contact qualified candidates for a formal interview in late March.

Please submit completed applications to:

FRYSC Signature Committee
369 S. Acacia Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92831

Please note in consideration of your application that player play-ups to an older age group will be on a special case basis to allow the maximum number of players at the designated age to play.

Program Administrator Registration Form

Program Administrator Registration Form - This form should be completed by those interested in becoming an administrator (Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee, Team Parent) and should match the information provided on your Request for Live Scan Service form. Completed forms should be submitted to help@fullertonrangers.com.

Request For Live Scan Service

Request for Live Scan Service - This form is to be completed for any new administrator (Board of Directors, Commissioners, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, Team Assistants, Team Parents and Trainers) and provided at the time of your finger printing. The form includes a CalSouth code that ensures results returned to the appropriate agency.

Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club hosts 4 sessions during the Fall season. 2 are held each night during the Coaches meeting in July. 2 more are held each night during the Team Parent Meeting in August.

If you are unable to attend one of these meetings, you must contact registrar@fullertonrangers.com for detailed information on administrator requirements.

There is more information about CalSouth risk management at http://www.calsouth.com/en/risk-management/.

Player Freeze Application


Player Freeze Application - Forms to be completed by recreational coaches requesting to "freeze" players to their roster. Freeze (pre-selection) requests must be submitted to help@fullertonrangers.com, before the start of late registration.

Freeze limits:
U8-U10 - 3 players
U12-U19 - 4 players

Player Play-Up Application

Player Play-Up Application - A play-up request should be submitted by a players parent before the start of late registration, optionally with the previous coaches recommendation, for those players wishing to play-up 1-2 birth year(s) (see AGE_MATRIX_2020-2021 for division tables). The player must then go to a rating session, as directed each season, for the age group that he/she wishes to play in. The Vice President/Player Agent reviews all requests and staff notifies players only if the play-up is denied or in the event an additional registration fee is required.

Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Form - The specified team will receive 75% of the sponsorship amount for team projects (Apparel, Tournaments, Special Events), and the club will receive 25% for club-wide support (Equipment, Maintenance, Scholarships).

Sponsorship Reimbursement Form

Sponsorship Reimbursement Form - All sponsorship reimbursements require completion of this form along with copies of all receipts. Requests will be accepted during the current season.

Pop-Up Goal (PUGG) Instructions

Pop-Up Goal (PUGG) Instructions - Follow these instructions to properly open or close the goal without damaging the equipment. If you find yourself forcing the goal to close, you are doing it incorrectly.

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