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FRYSC Referees

The Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club (FRYSC) is a USSF affiliated soccer organization that operates under Cal South within the city of Fullerton.

We offer Recreational, Signature and Competitive (Club) programs to over 2000 players.

Referees affiliated with FRYSC officiate Recreational and Signature games at our home fields from U8 to U19 during Fall and Spring seasons.

The Fullerton Rangers develop Referees to administer the laws of the game in a fair and safe manner while remembering that the game is for the players. We strive to train our referees to learn the Laws of the Game and understand the Spirit of the Laws.

If you are already a USSF certified referee and are looking to referee Fullerton Rangers games, please contact:

Matthew Williams
Director of Referees
With your request, please include the following details:
  • Full Name
  • USSF Grade Level
  • Email address for game assignment requests
  • Experience level (how long, highest level as center and/or assistant)
If you are not already a USSF certified referee, click here to learn How To Become A Referee.

FRYSC Referee Match Report Process

"ALL"  Ejections Require a USSF Referee Report
  1. Complete the Send-off form within 24 hours on the Fullerton Rangers website
  2. Complete the USSF Referee Report within 24 hours
  3. Email the USSF Referee Report & Supplemental and a copy of the Match Report to dir.referees@fullertonrangers.com
  4. Pull the Player Card for Violent Conduct, Assault or Referee Abuse
  5. Return the Player Card right away to the Rangers Station: 369 S. Acacia Ave., Fullerton, CA 92831

Referee Resources

Live Scan Requirement


CalSouth has implemented Live Scan as part of the risk management for all referees. If you are 18 years or older you will need to have a Live Scan done by June 1 of the calendar year. Any referees after June 1st that have not completed the Live Scan will not be able to referee. Live scan is the process that takes your finger prints along with your personal legal information (Driver's License) to perform a background check through the California Department of Justice.

For those referee’s that have gone through the Live Scan as a coach or administrator please let me know and I will submit to Cal South. If you are 18 years or older and have not done the Live Scan please let me know and I will get you further information.

Online Referee Registration

Referee Clinic Schedule

Request for Live Scan Service Form

Thanks, Director of Referees

Referee Fees

Fullerton Rangers Referee Fees for 2017

Fullerton Rangers Recreation League

U9/U10 - $25 - 1 Referee (Each Team Pays 1/2 of Amount)

U12 - $70 - $30 Center - $20 AR’s (Each Team Pays 1/2 of Amount)

U14 (Inter City) - $98 - $40 Center - $29 AR’s (Each Team Pays 1/2 of Amount)

U16 (Inter City) - $112 - $46 Center - $33 AR’s (Each Team Pays 1/2 of Amount)

U19 (Inter City) - $126 - $50 Center - $38 AR’s (Each Team Pays 1/2 of Amount)

Cal South Signature League

U9/U10 - $70 - $28 Center - $21 AR’s (Home Team Pays Entire Amount)

U11/U12 - $84 - $34 Center - $25 AR’s (Home Team Pays Entire Amount)

U13/U14 - $98 - $40 Center - $29 AR’s (Home Team Pays Entire Amount)

U15 - $112 - $46 Center - $33 AR’s (Home Team Pays Entire Amount)

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