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The Fullerton Rangers can use your help!

Dear Parents and Members of our Community:
In over 52 years of our Club's operation, we have always relied heavily on strong participation from a wide range of volunteers. As we move forward, our Board of Directors would like to be even more inclusive of our stakeholders by incorporating your involvement not only in our day to day operations, but also in our Board committees.  To that end, the Fullerton Rangers is currently looking to fill the below four board positions for the 2018-2019 seasons that we'd invite your participation in:
Treasurer -   The Treasurer shall have charge of all money of the FRYSC and keep a detailed account of income and expenditures thereof. A monthly statement of finances shall be presented at Youth Board meetings. The Treasurer shall pay all bills properly approved by the Youth Board and shall have full charge of all assets of the youth teams with the following exception: checks or withdrawal of funds in the name of the FRYSC must be signed by two officers who must be approved by the Board of Directors. The President shall appoint a committee to audit the records of the Treasurer to certify the financial report. This audit shall be performed annually. All purchases and expenses must be approved by the Youth Board by majority vote.
Director of Team Parents/Ways and Means-  The Director of Team Parents/Ways and Means shall represent the team parents and shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the team parents on all matters decided by the Youth Board. The Director of Team Parents/Ways and Means shall host the New Parent Orientation, Team Parent Meetings, Picture Day and assist with Spring Soccer and other Special Events.  The Director Team Parents/Ways and Means shall be responsible for fund raising activities as directed by the Youth Board. She/he shall appoint committees as required to help in fund raising. All fund raising activities shall be approved by the Youth Board by a majority vote. He/she shall be responsible for yearbook preparation if the league chooses to do a yearbook.
Secretary- The Secretary shall attend all meetings and record and prepare minutes of all meetings for the review and approval of Directors or the membership, where applicable. The Secretary shall book all meeting venues and events.
Director of Recreation- The Director of Recreation shall oversee the administration and operations of the recreational level of the Club.
Please consider this invitation to apply your time and talents to making the Fullerton Rangers as successful as it can be.  If you think you can be of help in any of these areas or with anything else for that matter, please send an email to bod18@fullertonrangers.com to let us know and we'll get back in touch with you right away.
Any amount of time you can spare will help our kids enjoy a great season, while also helping our Club grow and prosper for years to come!

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