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Rangers Signature B09 Hernandez - AC Brea Kick Off Classic Champions 2017!

Rangers Signature B09 Hernandez - AC Brea Kick Off Classic Champions 2017!

Boys 09 sig team champions!!!

First game against Canyon was a nail bitter went in to half winning 1-0. At the beginning of the second half we conceded our only goal of the tournament. At the very last minute we scored of a great cross by our striker Troy Arenas goal keeper couldn't hold on to the ball and went in. Game was over right after kick off.

Second game against AC Brea Black was very competitive 0-0 into the half and had two stupendous goals during. The second half to give us the victory 2-0.

Third game against AC Brea PCA 2010. Strong game by the boys with a score 8-0 with a hat trick by our keeper Jadon Reed who played midfielder at the second half.

Then comes the final. We come face to face against Canyon again mind you this team is a 2008 team (older team) don't know how that was allowed but oh well. Nail bitter once again went 0-0 into the half with the boys giving it there all even with the other boys being older and bigger. Half way through the second half we get a strong low driven shot by our midfielder Aristotle and it goes right under the goal keepers hands giving us the 1-0 win to become 2017 AC Brea Kick Off Champions!!!!!

August 2017

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